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Let’s wrap you around my finger

Title: Let’s wrap you around my finger
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Genre: Romance, Fluffpureflufforz
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 6k+
Summary: A tad bit silly, about Kyungsoo and Chanyeol going on a date throw in Jongin, Sehun and Baekhyun doing all they can to make sure their Kyungsoo gets a boyfriend.
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the boys
A/N: writen for someone what am i doing with my life.

Let’s wrap you around my finger

Kyungsoo has never been interested in love, not like he ever thought about how it would be to fall in love. Who wakes up one day and think oh my goal in life will be to fall in love and then you know, woo the person I love by being the biggest stalker ever and follow him everywhere just because you know, the person I love, it’s someone who I’m too scared to get close to.

But then again, he can feel lonely from time to time, guess you can call it loneliness, considering he lives with three people, and he’s practically their cook, he takes care of everything, his mother loved him for it when he was still living with her, but seriously, can he also get a break and see what it is that Baekhyun is fussing over whenever he gets a new boyfriend? Baekhyun should stop dating by the way, he should just settle, it’s the third boyfriend already, can’t that guy get a leash or something?

Kyungsoo hasn’t even gotten his first kiss yet, and he’s just there, living day after day and wondering how he’s ever going to even get one love story when he’s ever been interested in was reading and singing and music, and nothing else. Baekhyun too, is kind of that way, but in a more popular way. As in Baekhyun uses the new band they sing in together to attract people and he doesn’t mind heading towards someone he likes with a glass of beer and inviting him onto the dance floor once they’re done signing.

Kyungsoo just sits at the bar and drinks quietly, Jongin joins him, Jongin is the drummer, pretty good, along with Sehun who is the guitarist, Sehun is kind of quiet, at first, until you get to know him and he’s the most annoyingly sweet young boy ever. Sehun is also the one who talked about stalking your love until he gets to love you, which is how he explained, he got to get Luhan to himself and away from Jongin’s hands which had been wandering quite far on Luhan’s bottom the first night they met him.

Relax, if I had known you were his type, I’d have never touched him, ew Jongin had protested but then again, aside from Sehun, everyone else knew Jongin had a thing for Sehun, something that was stronger than friendship, which had been the reason why he had pulled Luhan on the dance floor that night, because Sehun’s eyes had been on Luhan from the moment he stepped in the club.

“We can get you someone,” Jongin said and reached for Kyungsoo’s glass only to get his hand slap away, “Get your own.” Kyungsoo mumbled, but then frowned remembering they both weren’t of age yet and shook his head, “Actually, you’re not supposed to be drinking, so juice for the both of you.” He states and their faces flops but genius Sehun leans forward and whispers something into Jongin’s ears, who bites down on his bottom lip and Kyungsoo rolls his eyes at the blush creeping Jongin’s cheeks.

How can Sehun not see this, it’s so obvious it hurts.

“That’s a good one, we’ll just drag a man and tell him Kyungsoo’s been staring at you, and he really wants to get laid and he really needs to get his first kiss before he gets wrinkles and a cane and white hair and—” Sehun stands up and Jongin follows and his words get lost, Kyungsoo’s eyes widen the slightest bit at what he caught before he shots out of his seat and runs after them, “Excuse me, but can you try not to embarrass me?” He grabs both of their arms and pull them back to the bar, “But we can’t drink,” Jongin says, “And we want to have fun.” Sehun continues, backing him up, “It’s alright, I’ll get you drink, so long as you both shut your mouth and drink quietly.”

Sehun and Jongin do as they are told; still they give each other’s cheeky grins and Kyungsoo wonders why he feels like this is not going to end.


He should have paid attention. But he didn’t, now he’s being dragged somewhere, stuck between a Sehun licking at his ice cream like they didn’t just pull him out of his house, barely let him put on convenient clothes, he just threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt before being ushered out of the apartment, even Baekhyun didn’t try to stop them.

“So Sehun and I thought about this.” Jongin starts and links his arms to his right, Sehun takes his left and still gets engross in his ice cream, “We need to get you a lover, you know, so we’re going to get you a shopping session.” Jongin is practically chirping, like this is a fucking genius idea, “Then we’ll go to places where we can find gorgeous men—”

“What if I want women? Girls?” Kyungsoo butts in and interrupts then eh nearly slaps himself because he shouldn’t be going along with their plans, he should be saying hell no, let go of me you both, this is like opening the door for Jongin and Sehun to plan their evil revenge against everything he’s ever done bad to them.

“No, you cannot have girls, you’re as gay as a gay man can be.” That’s sweet Sehun talking and finally leaving the ice cream alone. “Yeah, man, how can you think a girl would suit you? Besides you look like a total bottom you know,” Jongin looks pensive then he seems to think about something then shakes his head and nods along with Sehun, it’s like they just thought about something horrible and decided it was best to push it away.

“We need to get you a man, a man, that’s what you need.”

“Because you can cook, wash our clothes, take care of us like a mother would,”

“And a mother need a father, a husband you know, not a wife.”

Kyungsoo looks at both before they pull him inside of a clothes store, he’s kind of, in deep shit isn’t he? He should have just locked the door to his bedroom yesterday night.

Sehun and Jongin both exhausts the hell out of him with clothes thye can’t even decide on themselves. It’s just clothes, “Guys, guys, I’m so tired, as soon as I get out of this, I will break your necks, count on me to just build special ugly tombstones for your bodies.” He threatens as he tries on what is the tenth shirt today, it’s black and has some yellow, some red, some blue, some white, and it just looks like paints has been thrown onto the shirt to make it look artistic, but what a shitty outfit, Kyungsoo thinks and immediately wants to take it off.

“You can’t take it off before we see it.” Jongin shouts and he wonders how they do that, but sighs and keeps the shirt on, on to the blue pants now. What the fuck, blue pants, Kyungsoo stares at it longer than intended and decides hell no, he’s not wearing this.

“If you don’t wear the blue pants, we’ll get you a purple one.”

He quickly puts the blue pants on and looks at himself in the mirror, wait those pants are torn, god damn it, “Oh Sehun, Kim Jongin, can’t you at least get me decent pair of jeans? I mean, these are,” Kyungsoo walked out of the fitting room, hands against his exposed thighs, there was a lot of skin too no jokes. “A little bit uncomfortable.”

“This is perfect what are you talking about.” Jongin approves, Sehun ponders and then he beams and nods too, “This is young and sexy enough, no more black clothes, please.” He says and then they agree and they buy it, and make him wear it for the rest of the walk to wherever they decided to take him.

“We’re bringing you on a blind date!” Jongin says in the streets while walking, “What?!” Kyungsoo stops them right before they can take another step, “Yeah, the restaurant right there, there’s a guy inside waiting for you, it took us like just five seconds to get an answer!”

“Because hyung is so good looking on that picture.” They both nod and then tugs on his arms again, they’re kind of strong put together but Kyungsoo resists ann he can and turn around ready to leave but they’re just pulling and it kind of hurts too, do they think he’s some type of non human human, “Yah, let go of me, there’s no way I’m going on a blind date!” Jongin and Sehun counts to three and then they give a sharp tug and Kyungsoo stumbles back and startles and freezes and in that single moment of surprise they drag him to the restaurant the ywere nearing and push him inside, walking behind him in case he tries to run away.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Kyungsoo asks and smiles sheepishly but they roll their eyes, “Worst trick ever.” They both say and then they are pushing him towards a table where a guy is sitting and waiting and Kyungsoo wants to craw in a hole and die because god, why him, “So, he’s like some sort of business man, don’t ask what a business man was doing on a meeting site for gay people, well he just said he wants to meet you.” Jongin stops before they get to the table and turn around, the man is probably giving them heir back, “It’s table ten, you have to go and sit, no running away okay?”

Kyungsoo doesn’t want to say anything so he gives a curt nod and goes back to going to table, table ten they said, he glances behind him and finds them both waiting and waving and smiling like they don’t understand the gravity of the situation right now, the embarrassment, the humiliation and everything else that makes Kyungsoo wants to kill someone.

But he just swallows and takes the seat facing the man’s, he sits and swallows more because, damn, yeah, once again why him, he thinks when the man greets him with a bright smile and Kyungsoo feels like disappearing. Not his type at all.

“Hello,” The man says and his smile is all teeth and Kyungsoo manages oen awkward smile before bowing his head lightly, he must be like, what ten years odler than him, oh seriously someone save him. “So, are you Do Kyungsoo?” The guy ask and Kyungsoo nods before standing up as soon as Sehun and Jongin aren’t in sight, “I’ll just—use the bathroom, just give me one second, I’ll be back.” He says and flashes one huge fake smile at the man, shooting daggers when he notices his eyes trail down to the stripes of his jeans, huge pervert, Kyungsoo winces once he’s giving the man his back, god tell him the guy isn’t starring at his ass because if he is, then Jongin and Sehun better prepare their tombstones themselves, unless they want to sleep with spiders in their death bed.

Kyungsoo rushes to the bathroom and leans against the sink, breathes in and tries to think of a way to escape. Well, considering the bathroom is like facing the table where the man is, did they also plan this? Ugh, frustration, he thinks and thinks but nothing comes in his mind, mother fuckers, Kyungsoo breathe, just breathe, he tells himself and it kind of works on appeasing his sense, which is good because someone walks inside of the bathroom and he’d have scared the shit out of the guy with his eyes if he hadn’t calmed down, they tend to just get a tad bit wider, and Baekhyun has always found it funny how they were just wide, like round and wide, which is not funny, Kyungsoo is quite fond of all the white in his eyes, but they kind of scare Sehun and Jongin, which is probably why he loves them.

Kyungsoo glances around, is he calm enough, probably, he side glances at who just walked inside, washing his hands though he hasn’t done anything, not that Kyungsoo remembers him entering one of the stalls behind, weird people washing their hands just because they felt dirty or, well whatever, not his problem, his problem right now resides in a pervert who thinks he might actually get laid tonight, but is obviously not gonna get laid, not on Kyungsoo’s dead body, not even.

He just spares another side glance to the man and startles and quickly looks away, eh, is he being stared at, did he miss one episode of this movie that is his life, why is the man staring, god damn it, this restaurant is full of creeper. He better run away from this before he ends up being raped, especially with the way those pants were so tight, oh god, what did he get himself into, Kyungsoo makes a dash for the door as soon as he knows he can escape.


Oh that’s it, he’s going to get assaulted, run or wait, Kyungsoo stops on his step and slowly turns around to face the guy, turns out he has to tilt his head way back and look up to see him, okay damn, he’s a giant, if Kyungsoo wants to fight back he will have to use lots of strength, this is not how he’s supposed to lose his virginity he thinks in the back of his mind, maybe you know get married to a nice man, or you know yeah did he just say man?! Baekhyun is rubbing off him, too much.

“I could help,” The man says, why is that guy’s voice so low, does he eats cigarettes each morning after waking up or, eh, wait, “Help?” Kyungsoo stutters and the guys offers a smile he’s sure is meant to say, you better run away before I eat you up shit. Definitely not accept anything he offers, even if it’s delicious lollipop, “Yeah, I figured if you got up as soon as you sat down, might be because you don’t like the guy much right? I work here, I know what it is, blind dating isn’t for everyone.”


Oh. Well, “Huh.” Kyungsoo blinks and frowns, “Are you serious?”

The man smiles again, well the server, now Kyungsoo notices the apron and the shirt and the formal uniform he noticed on a server awhile ago, well he isn’t going to get raped, which is good, the guy has unbelievable long legs too, no wonder he’s a giant, and his name tag is Chanyeol, well, Chanyeol you have one creepy smile, Kyungsoo tilts his head to the side and finds himself smiling back at him though, “How?”

So basically, it all goes in a blur, it also goes so fast, one time he’s still plotting to escape and the other he’s holding Chanyeol’s arm and standing at the other side, then Kyungsoo realizes it’s not that big of a problem, he could have just told the man that he wasn’t interested and that’s all, but it’s too late, he’s already deep into this, besides if he gives up now he might have to explain some stuff to Jongin and Sehun, and he really doesn’t want to talk to them, he wants to kill them, both and Baekhyun too for letting him out.

“Is he looking?” Kyungsoo mumbled, keeping his gaze down, “No, he isn’t,” Chanyeol answered and he sighed, nibbling on his bottom lip as they walked past the table and then they quickly walked away from the alley where the man was, “He turned, he looked.” Kyungsoo panics and glances behind him but Chanyeol quickly tugs on his arm, “Don’t look.” Woah, this feels like some sort of spy movie, he’s just a normal person who loves to sing and read, seriously, why does he have to escape this way.

But he’s outside of the restaurant, and as soon as he is, he relaxes and beams up at Chanyeol and he just has this urge to say thank you so he tiptoes and throws his arms around his shoulders and pulls him in a hug. It’s when he notices his feet aren’t touching the ground anymore and how tight it is around him that Kyungsoo notices he’s just given a hug to a total stranger, is Baekhyun rubbing off him that bad or, what. He quickly lets go and pulls Chanyeol’s arms—how did they get around him?—away and he takes a quick step back, embarrassed for life, flushing and giving an awkward smile up at the ever perpetual grin on Chanyeol’s face.

“Sorry, I kind of hum,” He lowers his head and wonders if there’s a way for the ground to swallow him whole, he’d love that.

“It’s alright, hugging is nice, I like hugs.” Chanyeol says and Kyungsoo has to look up again, wondering if this guy is for real, is he for real, well looks like he is, he doesn’t look made up you know, he looks human, okay Kyungsoo snap out of it, you meet weird people every time you wake up and they live with you, he shakes his head, “I’ll leave now, thanks for helping me.” He moves his hands and wants to burry them in his pockets but fails and fuck, is he embarrassing himself a lot, those jeans don’t have pockets, couldn’t Jongin and Sehun at least get him jeans with pockets?

It’s like they know when to appear too, Kyungsoo feels the weight on his back, “Hyung!” Jongin is already weighting heavily and Sehun steps in right next to him, well at least he won’t be standing awkwardly alone in front of Chanyeol anymore, he thinks, “So you did hook up? Did it go well? Is that him?” Kyungsoo’s head snap up and he shakes his head, but Sehun is already surveying Chanyeol and turning around him like he’s making sure he’s worth it.

“Wait, is he really a business man? Doesn’t look like one.” Jongin frowns and gets off his back, at least he can breathe now, “Of course not!” Kyungsoo stutters loud enough and smacks the back of Jongin’s head before pulling Sehun back next to him, “Okay, boys calm down, this is—” He frowns, if he tells them he ran away from the meeting—“Well, the guy you guys wanted me to meet was, he said he wasn’t interested and this is Chanyeol, he just hum,”

“I helped him get rid of a pervert!” Chanyeol blurts out, okay scratch that, Chanyeol isn’t weird, he’s fucking embarrassing, “A pervert?” Jongin blinks between them and looks back at Chanyeol like he’s finally taking notice of who he is and that he is here or something, “We should leave.” Kyungsoo nods, it’s safe if they just dash out before anything more humiliating happens, “Hey, wait.” Chanyeol calls and has a hand up, he looks like he’s about to reach to grab Kyungsoo’s wrist but Sehun pulls Kyungsoo close to him and Chanyeol’s hand close around air, but his smile never flatters, he just looks at Kyungsoo like it’s fucking normal to ask him, “Hope I’ll see you soon, ‘kay? Have a good day.” He waves and then he’s disappearing in the restaurant.

Kyungsoo stares at the spot where Chanyeol had been standing for what seems like an eternity.

“So, did you give him your number?”


“No more blind dates!” Kyungsoo interrupts and slides on the couch right between Jongin and Sehun, “But, just—for, you can’t even get the number of a server who hits on you and you don’t want blind dates?” Kyungsoo glares up at Baekhyun who shrugs, “I’m just saying.”

“He wasn’t interested.”

“Oh, god, you’re dumber than I thought.”

“Hyung, he only had eyes for you, it was kind of creepy,”

Kyungsoo flushes and purses his lips, they’re just doing this to tease him like always, no seriously, Chanyeol just helped him and yeah, what he said after was just to be friendly and why was he even considering ever stopping by the restaurant? Not like he’s ever going to see him again.

“Stop it, there’s nothing there, seriously.”

“We never said there was something.” Sehun’s quiet voice breaks in and he leans his head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

“Just that the guy was hitting on you.” Jongin nods.

“And you ran away like a scared bunny.”

A scared bunny. Kyungsoo can only facepalm, he doesn’t have the strength to say anymore to this.


Jongin takes the right seat, Baekhyun the left, Sehun isn’t there, too busy trying to stay as glued as possible to his new boyfriend, okay, so they’re back in the restaurant. Kind of, but not for a blind date this time and it must look weird, but Jongin is wearing a black hat and Baekhyun is wearing an orange one and Kyungsoo is wearing a hat and a hoodie and a dark expression because he’s been tricked into this and can he just say how much he fucking hates his friends right now?

He’d make a dash for the door, like he tried before but then as soon as they were inside someone passed by them and running away would have made him look like a total freak, so he was stuck besides in between Jongin and Baekhyun squished and it was uncomfortable as fuck, can hell just take back those two disciples?

“Guys, this is so hilarious I feel like my fists will jump and smash you both.”

“Oh, relax, so who is it Jongin?” Baekhyun asks and leans over, ignoring Kyungsoo who just keeps his head lowered, not gonna look up, never gonna look up. “Well, he’s probably taller than anything or anyone in this room, he’s got brown hair, it’s curled, really curled,” Jongin frowns, “No like, really curled, like frizzles on top of his head.” Jongin nods, “Sounds like someone not normal enough to hit on Kyungsoo.”

“Yah.” Kyungsoo says softly, “What does that mean?”

“That you’re so dumb anyone who hits on you must be twice dumber or just you know, mental.”

Kyungsoo groans and wants to say something back but Jongin jolts up, “Here he is!” He says and Baekhyun looks up and he realizes that it’s true that you can’t miss the guy, “Okay, he’ll pass by soon, one, two—” Wait what, what were they planning, Kyungsoo tried to pay attention and startled, the hoodie was taken first then the hat and he closed his eyes sliding in further between Jongin and Baekhyun, “No, I refuse why do you have to embarrass me oh so much.” He mutters and hides his face behind Baekhyun because it’s where Chanyeol wouldn’t see, oh dear lord, someone save him or something.

“No worries, Jongin went to tell him you came to see him.” Baekhyun says and pats his back, it successfully gets Kyungsoo out of the safety of Baekhyun’s back, he thinks it’s a joke, but no Jongin is really talking to Chanyeol and shaking his head and smiling and leading him to his table.

This is why being a loner is more profitable.

Kyungsoo backs away until he’s pressed against Baekhyun when he sees them approaching, no way to run away, actually, Chanyeol kind of scares him and stuff and now he, he’s getting closer, okay calm down, this is not a kidnapping sessin or something meant to kill you, unless humiliation can kill then yeah maybe, but yeah, Chanyeol is in front of him and smiling, and well yeah, he’s saying hi, is he now.

Kyungsoo wants to run away, call him a scared bunny, but it’s all too weird, why is he here again, he doesn’t remember half of why but he kinds of blurts out a quick greeting back to Chanyeol and hates the way his face reddens and Baekhyun pushes him forward till he’s sitting with a straight back, blame classic choir lessons for this.

“So you came back,” Chanyeol says and Kyungsoo would like to rectify that he was forced back but he nods slowly, his neck is starting to hurt him okay, can he like stop staring up at Chanyeol would that be impolite or make it impossible to look at Chanyeol’s smile, or, he should shut his brains up.

“Well, I’ve got customers, I’ll have a break in ten minutes though, do you think you can,” Chanyeol pauses and looks hopeful, “He’ll definitely wait!” Jongin says behind and pats Chanyeol’s back, “So just hurry and get here, we’ll keep him company till then.”

“Oh.” Chanyeol says and Kyungsoo thinks the same, Oh really? “Okay then, I’ll be back and ah—” Kyungsoo’s neck hurts even more and why isn’t he looking down already, “I’m happy you came back.” Chanyeol says and Kyungsoo tilts his head, looks down and bites down on his bottom lip and just tucks himself further against Baekhyun’s side so Jongin can find his spot back to his right, he might need this to not run out of the restaurant and dig a hole and bury himself in.

“See?” Jongin beams, “He was totally hitting on you.”

Looks like it, yeah, and it’s crazy, really unbelievable.

So maybe Chanyeol had been interested that day and maybe that’s why he helped Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo hadn’t noticed, but still, he’s still new at this so someone please spare him, it’s not like he ever thought he would actually attract eyes, though Jongin bragged about the clothes he and Sehun chose and Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, those were like the worst stuff either. He rather preferred his jeans that weren’t tight to the point where he felt like he had two left legs when he walked in them and his crotch was being squeezed so tight as if to milk him, milk him seriously, like they do it with cows, you know squeeze their things until milk comes out. He should stop this image right now so he does it and focus on what the mirror is sending him.

But just for today, because a week ago Chanyeol had blurted out let’s go on a date, he’s inviting, yeah because Kyungsoo is such a girl, he doesn’t mind much, does he, no not much plus who says no to free pass to an attraction park, not him.

“Hyung, please, trust us on this, we’ll make it so you are comfortable okay?” Kyungsoo stares at his reflection in the mirror, “Why those striped pants again?! Why can’t you guys make me wear normal clothes? What if it gets cold you know and I freeze to death because Chanyeol isn’t a gentleman, ew what if he ends up being perverted and staring and.” Kyungsoo covers his exposed thighs. “I refuse, to be a sexual attraction.”

“Oh, I think you’ll love the attention.” Baekhyun smirks and then all three have grins on their faces when Kyungsoo blushes and glares at all of them, but he can’t deny the fact that Chanyeol attention has made his life a whole brighter nowadays. He just, likes his company, there’s nothing wrong with it, though he knows Chanyeol probably wants more.

Chanyeol did say he wanted more because You’re really cute, aren’t you? I like you, I wanna know more about you that’s what he said, and yeah it’s all adorable and nice but damn is it supposed to make Kyungsoo’s stomach turn and churn and burn and make his heart skip some beats just so he can’t find the words to reply back and has to duck his head low and pretend the milkshake Chanyeol brought with him was suddenly so interesting when caramel was the worst flavor for Kyungsoo. Then he’d looked up with a small smile and adverted his eyes like ten times before finally looking straight into Chanyeol’s eyes, First of, never ever get me anything with caramel in, this thing sucks, it doesn’t taste good.

“Aw, hyung is growing.” Sehun cooed and wrapped his arms around Kyungsoo from behind, “What are you guys being all coo-y about.”

“It’s just, we feel like children looking at their mother finally dating after losing her husband for years and sacrificing her life for us.”

“I hate you all.” Kyungsoo muttered under his breath, walking out of the room before he had the urge to murder before his first ever date which would end up being his last if he gave in the urge to kill them all.

“We love you too.” Baekhyun shouted and blew a kiss, which Jongin mimicked and Sehun made a heart with his arms and Kyungsoo sighed shaking his head, he’s never going to live through this, after this, he knows he’s going to be dead meat as soon as he comes back.

But really though, really, he had a date, god damn it, he thought he’d die a virgin, with like, he hasn’t even kissed someone and he’s fucking twenty.


Chanyeol is waiting exactly where he said he’d be waiting, Kyungsoo made it there early, so seeing Chanyeol there kind of surprises him, it’s like thirty minutes before the date time. “You’re early,” He says after Chanyeol greets him and feels stupid because he’s also early, but Chanyeol is earlier!

“I, yeah, I am, I just couldn’t stand still or wait.” Chanyeol is straightforward, Kyungsoo had found himself quite fond of it, he just says what’s in his mind and it’s refreshing, not like he’s not used to it, he lives with three idiots who love to embarrassing him by being straight to the point.

“Oh,” Kyungsoo says and thinks he says this too much when he doesn’t know how to react but then Chanyeol laughs softly and it’s husky and breathy and he reaches a hand for Kyungsoo to hold it. He wants Kyungsoo to hold his hand, like an actual date, yes that’s what he wants, snap out of it.

He’s probably shaking, no his hand is probably shaking but he steps forward and holds Chanyeol’s hand, it’s bigger than his own, for real, it just wraps so easily around Kyungsoo’s smaller hand and he finds himself staring down at it when Chanyeol laces their fingers.

“Let’s go, yeah?”

Kyungsoo nods, throat tight and cheeks pink, lips pursed and he pushes his bangs out of his eyes, tilting his head on the side to gives a smile at Chanyeol’s amused grin, he’s happy that Chanyeol is also blushing, at least he isn’t the only one a tad bit embarrassed and warm at the feeling of their hands holding on.


They decide rides first and Kyungsoo is suddenly excited because he hasn’t been that much to attraction park and it’s just exciting that his hand and Chanyeol’s have never let go of each other unless it was to buy something, like some cotton-candy, it taste good, and Kyungsoo can’t stop eating it, then he takes some off the stick and stares when Chanyeol leans in and eats it off his fingers.

Oh yeah, this is a date, like a romantic date. Oh god, Kyungsoo picks one more off and feeds Chanyeol, this is normal, and the silly smile he has on his face is also normal, though if it’s mirroring Chanyeol’s smile, he might be getting creepy, but oh who cares.

The cotton-candy finishes with one last bite from Chanyeol who grabs it and throws it in a bin and then they stop in front of a shooting stand, “I want to try this!” He beams and he looks like a child and it’s heartwarming so Kyungsoo nods and stands next to him as he pays and grabs the gun shaped thing, which is technically a gun, except it doesn’t shot bullets, well you know, it just shots those balls and has to hit those ducks. Kyungsoo tilts his head and watches how he’s suddenly concentrating, but misses most of the ducks except for three, but that doesn’t give anything they are eight ducks and in order to get even a tiny plushie you have to kill four.

“I’ll try,” Kyungsoo says and grabs the gun and pays this time, Chanyeol stays aside dejected, Kyungsoo hits all eight of them. He didn’t know he was that good, but turns out he’s better at this than he thought, he can’t contain his joy and he thinks he’s probably been smiling since they entered the attraction park, but Chanyeol hasn’t been less happy either. 

“Which price do you want?” The man who is behind the counter asks them and Kyungsoo turns to Chanyeol who shrugs, “Choose any.” Those are huge though, Kyungsoo picks a white teddy bear, it’s big, not as big as Chanyeol but then he looks at it and decides he looks like Chanyeol, would it be okay to name it Chanyeol?

They walk, and they talk, and it’s quiet sometimes, sometimes Kyungsoo feels Chanyeol’s eyes on him and his face burns at the attention, and he tightens his fingers around Chanyeol’s, the teddy bear tucked safely in his other arm, “Lemme help you with that.”

Is this some type of high school crush or something, Kyungsoo shakes his head and holds it, he wants the teddy bear close, “It’s okay,” he puffs his cheek and looks up at Chanyeol when they stop in front of a new stand, and a voice calls them, not their names, but clearly they are called young boys something like that and when they go to see, there’s an old woman who smiles at them.

“Would you like to get married?”

Oh fucking lord what, Kyungsoo chokes on his breath and Chanyeol laughs, it’s loud and clear and Kyungsoo quickly flushes, “Wh—what we aren’t—”

“You’d help me if you agreed, I need some volunteers.”

Kyungsoo looks at Chanyeol who shrugs, “Why not,” He says and Kyungsoo opens his mouth to protest but it dies in the back of his throat. He’s going to get married on his first date, “It’s not a real one right?!” He quickly inquires and the old woman laughs as he’s the silly one when she’s the one who asked them if they wanted to get married.

“Of course not, I’m no priest, just someone trying to sell, and you’d make a good couple, you’re together right?” She disappears behind a curtains and comes back with a little box, her stand are full of jewelries, oh, oh, is she like trying to sell her jewelry this way?

Kyungsoo tugs on Chanyeol’s arm and pulls him until he can lean in, “Are we going to have to buy those?” He whispers softly and Chanyeol laughs, why is he laughing, this is serious business there are rings in the box, for real. She’s like showing to it them and Chanyeol is laughing.

“Pick yours.” Kyungsoo blinks and reluctantly breaks their link hands to get one of the ring, Chanyeol takes the other, it looks like it attracts people too, maybe she knew what she was doing. She’s smiling when Kyungsoo and Chanyeol looks at her and tell them to proceed.

“Do we have to say our vows or something?” Kyungsoo stutters and laugh but Chanyeol takes hold of his hand while the teddy bear is being taken by the old woman, Kyungsoo startles and clutches at it but she smiles softly, “I’ll just hold it so this is easier.” He nods and bites on his bottom lip, oh god, what even, he lets Chanyeol pick his left hand and hold it and when he looks up he’s got this silly grin that Kyungsoo has learned to appreciate with time, it has its charm.

“So, basically, Do Kyungsoo, I just met you two weeks ago, and this is crazy, but I’d like to keep you in my life for a bit longer and maybe after life, this is why today I have this ring and I’m asking you to, would you like to accept me,” Chanyeol starts sliding the ring on his finger, shit Kyungsoo might have let out a small squeak, “to your side, forever, until we fall in love and maybe you know, live together, share our first kiss and let me stick close to you and make you fall for me too?” Kyungsoo bits on his bottom lip, it’s trembling, he wants to laugh and cry, he’s sure if the others could see this, they’d be laughing too.

He forgets he has to answer to that when the rings slides on his finger and he looks at it, it’s tiny, a simple jewelry, but it’s giving Kyungsoo the biggest grin ever, “Well?” Is this for real? Kyungsoo looks up and gives a curt nod, but he quickly does his, no words, just grab Chanyeol’s hand and slides the ring on his finger then he looks up at Chanyeol, “Okay, I like that, I want that.” And he realizes he really does more than anything.

But then Chanyeol wraps his arms around him and leans in and it’s not a real fucking wedding, of course not, you’re not supposed to kiss the groom or something, but Chanyeol’s lips are pressed against his own, it takes him a moment to register their contact before Kyungsoo’s eyelids flutter close and he slides his arms behind Chanyeol’s neck and has to tiptoes so Chanyeol’s neck doesn’t hurt too much, he knows how neck pains are a bitch.

Later, Kyungsoo will get embarrassed by the crowd clapping around them, but Chanyeol’s lips are really soft and plying his and they taste of cotton-candy, it’s sweet and sugary and sticky.

In the back of his mind Kyungsoo is screaming because he just lost his first kiss at his wedding.

Damn right.


Night finds Kyungsoo with the third kiss of the night, it’s like once you taste it you want more and he’s the one who tugs Chanyeol down and asks for another one at the door of his apartment, because they’ll see each other and he should know better not to do it when he knows Jongin, Sehun and Baekhyun will be watching, most probably but it doesn’t matter.

“Just so you know, I’m naming that teddy bear Chanyeol,” Kyungsoo mumbles, out of breathe when he pulls back and Chanyeol grin and it’s fucking perfect because he just kisses Kyungsoo’s cheek, “Well, good night,” Kyungsoo nods and bites down on his lip, he tastes Chanyeol.

Chanyeol turns to leave and Kyungsoo does the same, teddy bear chanyeol under his arm as he enters the apartment and turns the lights on.

“We saw that.” Baekhyun is the first one out of the shadow, “We totally did!” Jongin beams and runs to him and then Kyungsoo sighs because he has no strength to stop his smile and it’s huge and goofy he knows it is, “Okay, okay, yeah it was.” He stops to thin of a word but nothing comes in mind so he goes on squealing and they all laugh and then he lifts his left hand.

“Oh, yeah, we got married.” 

Tags: chanyeol/kyungsoo, oneshot, out of one direction, rated pg, sehun/luhan
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